Here’s where Blick boxes end up…

by Kathy Partridge on April 20, 2015

in Art, Art Materials, Gardening

Sheet mulching with cardboard

If you're an artist, you know that an awful lot of art "stuff"- supplies, frames, shipping materials - come in cardboard boxes, dropped off at your doorstep by the FedEx or UPS people. Conventional thinking says all these processed trees need to be cut up and put out with your other recyclables on trash day, ...

Photo of a pair of pileated woodpeckers in a tree

After a record-setting cold winter here in central New York, it appears that spring has finally sprung. Weather permitting, I'm now spending a couple hours out in the garden every morning - the racket of the spring peepers and chorus frogs is welcome confirmation that the new season is well underway. I usually have my ...

Panel stretchers: The best of both worlds

by Kathy Partridge April 14, 2015 Art
How to build a panel stretcher

Since writing my Notes from the Painter’s Handbook series of posts about a year ago, I have continued to experiment with different painting surfaces. I much prefer to paint on hardboard panels and for many years, primed them myself with acrylic “gesso”. But a recent purchase of the product (in this case, Liquitex) left me …

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What’s black and white and…? Oh, never mind.

by Kathy Partridge March 2, 2015 Central New York
Girlfriends, oil on panel, 9" x 12". ©Kathy R. Partridge

Sorry about that. I was trying to come up with a snappy title – something a little more interesting than just “New Work!”. But I couldn’t think of a clever finish, so I’ll just answer the question. Cows are black and white. Specifically, Holstein cows. At least, I’m pretty sure the one on the left …

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I (almost) can’t believe I didn’t give up

by Kathy Partridge January 22, 2015 Adirondacks
realistic oil painting of Black Pond at Paul Smiths in the Adirondacks

I’ve always been pretty persistent – some would say (ahem) stubborn – but this painting kinda pushed me to the limit. It’s actually the third – yes, third – incarnation of this scene and happily, the one where I finally managed to put my essence of this place into paint. It all started last June at …

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Adventures at ‘paint camp’, part 3

by Kathy Partridge July 29, 2014 Adirondacks
Just a few of the 100+ artists at Heaven Hill Farm.

Read the preceding posts in the series here: Adventures at ‘paint camp’, part 1 Adventures at ‘paint camp’, part 2 Friday, June 20 Our spectacular weather continued to hold. Friday dawned clear and bright, and by the end of the week, mornings were actually chilly, with overnight lows in the 40′s. Our first spot of the day was a …

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Adventures at ‘paint camp’, part 2

by Kathy Partridge July 14, 2014 Adirondacks
The 2014 Publisher

The real purpose of the Publisher’s Invitational Paint Out (aka ‘paint camp’), was, of course, to paint outside in the beautiful Adirondack scenery. With nearly 120 artists of all backgrounds and experience levels in attendance, this required a good deal of logistics but it all went off without a hitch. Our days soon settled into …

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Adventures at ‘paint camp’, part 1

by Kathy Partridge July 7, 2014 Adirondacks
McKenzie Mountain from Norman Ridge Road. O/c/p, 11" x 14".

The 2014 Publisher’s Invitational turned out to be too “big” for this first-year attendee to describe in one blog post. So here’s part one!

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It’s official!

by Kathy Partridge June 3, 2014 Art
Pensioners. Oil on panel, 19-1/2 x 31 inches. ©Kathy R. Partridge

Well, it’s official, folks. I’m thrilled to report that Pensioners’ acceptance into the 54th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists does indeed qualify me for promotion to what’s known as full, or “signature” status in the organization! That means I’m entitled to sign my paintings with “SAA” after my name if I want, …

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Notes from The Painter’s Handbook 3: Solvents

by Kathy Partridge May 26, 2014 Art

The low-down on the two most common solvents used by artists: gum turpentine and mineral spirits. They both have their uses, but which one’s safer?

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Notes from The Painter’s Handbook 2: Sizes and grounds

by Kathy Partridge May 19, 2014 Art

(This is the second in a series of blog posts sharing my notes on the fundamentals of building a durable oil painting, based on information in the book, The Painter’s Handbook by Mark David Gottsegen. Please understand that I am not the expert here; I’m putting these notes out there for me just as much …

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Notes from The Painter’s Handbook 1: Oil painting supports

by Kathy Partridge May 12, 2014 Art

I think it’s a good idea for artists to occasionally review the processes and procedures they use in creating their work. This post is the first in a series, detailing the current thinking by art materials experts and conservators on the best ways to “build” a durable oil painting. This week, I present some notes on supports options for oil paintings.

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“Pensioners” accepted by the SAA

by Kathy Partridge May 6, 2014 Art
Pensioners. Oil on panel, 19-1/2 x 31 inches. ©Kathy R. Partridge

I have some great news to share about my latest equine painting, Pensioners! Plus, read a short introduction to learn a little about the Society of Animal artists.

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What’s the best brand of artists’ oil paint?

by Kathy Partridge May 5, 2014 Art

Ever have the feeling that the brands you’re using might not be the best? Are you always searching for something better? Then you just might be afflicted with “art supply itch”. Here are some ideas for dealing with it.

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